Yezirah Ivrit , Chaim Sharir



With the international marketing success of a number of series produced by Chaim Sharir, over the last few years Sharir has focused on the development of drama series that answer the increasingly growing demand for content developed in Israel and suitable for broadcast and production abroad.


The combination of vast experience, a deep understanding of the media needs in the area of television dramas, and the acquaintance with the deserving creators in Israel has created a unique "hothouse" within "Yetsira Ivrit" that has brought forward a wide variety of content adapted to create a number of series that will be produced for broadcasters around the world. The materials offered and developed have to pass strict criteria of quality, originality, innovativeness and universality.


Sharir locates and initiates concepts and develops them with prominent and professional creators in a number of stages, beginning with a "bible" translated and ready for professional and enticing pitching, through pilot scripts and up to the writing of whole series and their production in collaboration with partners abroad.


The development process is funded and makes it possible for the creators to take the time necessary for the development process, as required at every stage. In addition, the creators are property partners in the materials and thus enjoy the fruit of the project they created.


His experience and know-how enable Sharir to work with the creators, guiding and defining the genre and both narrative and cinematic languages, persistently seeking new ways of expression, while at the same time making it possible for him to instruct and guide the creators in adapting the notes and comments of the partners abroad in such a way that the material will suit the demands of the media on the one hand and the vision of the creators on the other.


Producers, agents, creators and content and media organizations from around the globe interested in reaching excellent and innovative materials by the best creators Israel has to offer, and to cooperate in their development and production are invited to contact us.