Yezirah Ivrit , Chaim Sharir



DIDN’T PROMISE YOU (Lo Hivtachti Lach)

2006,  1st Season 15 Episodes,  35 minutes per episode

2007,  2nd Season 15 Episodes,  35 minutes per episode


Creator and scriptwriter: Eyal Doron

Directors: Ofir Babaiof, Gabi Bibliovitch, Tomer Aviram

Producer: Chaim Sharir

Produced for YES and Channel 10   


Cast: Guri Alfi, Eli Finish, Dani Geva, Efrat Boimvald, Alma Zach, Efrat Cohen, Riki Blich, Noa Tishbi, Shmil Ben Ari


They are in their late twenties and early thirties. They try to live life in the happiest and most fulfilling way possible but clouds can already be seen on the horizon. They have carefully designed their lifestyle but still play with the idea of changing everything and are well aware of different possibilities.


The men are three good friends, Udi, Tomer and Itzik. In the series they provide the masculine point of view first. They are sensitive and struggle to conduct intimate conversations and to understand the world around them, not least the modern woman – a woman who is waiting for a man who will be able to contain her.


The women do not know each other but during the series they form a gang of their own. They are a varied collection of young women who, like the men, try to have the best of all worlds. The men try to become attached to their feminine sides without giving up their masculine brotherhood while the women want to remain graceful and enchanting but dream of being both assertive and dependent at the same time. They want to be totally in control without forgetting the need for a shoulder to lean on.


The series examines the relationships that develop among all of them in a plot that is tightly woven, funny and exiting.


The second season begins two years later.


The three friends try to cope with the tensions that have grown between them and to get back together: They have all grown up, are all trying to find their place, or to understand what their life has become – as humans, parents, spouses.


In between, they meet, recreating the strong bond of friendship which stands at the center of the series, manly and hairy, but just as sensitive as they were.

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