Yezirah Ivrit , Chaim Sharir



The Team

Chaim Sharir and Mosh Danon are two prominent Israeli producers who are among the pillars of the Israeli television and cinema industry, including serving as Chairmen of the Israeli Producers Association and as the Chairmen of the Israeli Academy of Films & TV (Danon was lately voted Chairman of the Academy).

Both have dozens of years of high quality development and production behind them including award winning and internationally esteemed feature films nominated for the foreign film Oscar and which have won awards at Sundance, Karlovy Vary and Israeli Academy, Jerusalem and Haifa IFF, and more. Nowadays they are leaders in the area of scripted series successfully exported from Israel throughout the world among which are many of their series such as "In Treatment", "Hostages", "Allenby", "Minimum Wage" and others which have won commendations and awards and international cooperation for both broadcasts and remake.

In agreement regarding the new needs in face of the changes occurring in the field of scripted content which reaches the viewer directly through evolving medias and viewing habits, over two years ago Sharir and Danon made the decision to join forces in developing and producing scripted TV drama series, and established DramaTeam.

Thus, the Drama Team's vision is the integration of the whole package (creators, producers, distributors and broadcasters) from the initial development stage, unrelated to geographical territory, and cooperation between all the relevant parties to create excellent outstanding series.

DT has been operating that vision for over 2 years in a "creative hothouse" which locates concepts and creators in Israel, and deals with the adaptation of their initial concepts into attractive television creation. The continued process according to the DT vision is collaborative work with producers, distributors, broadcasters and of course creators from throughout Europe in order for the concepts to bear fruit as reliable and eminent quality television in any territory they are intended for.

The Drama  

The products of this "Greenhouse" are bibles and scripts for series in a variety of genres. Many of Sharir and Danon's productions have been broadcasted in the original version or as remakes such as "In Treatment" and Hostages, and an extraordinary number of developed concepts in co-development with a large number of distributors, producers, broadcasters and professional in Europe and/or the United |States (among them: "Jerusalem", "Masada", "The Player", "Ferris Wheel", "Minimum Wage" and more).

The ripened projects may be produced by Sharir and Danon who have the necessary experience to enable efficient and budget friendly production while maintaining the quality and originality of the work and the vision of its creators in competitive prices with regards to European production budgets. In the case of other agreements, the materials can be produced by the content purchasers in keeping with the language of the series and the territory it is intended for.

We are ready to get any idea for a TV Drama Series development.  We'll choose only the best of them.