Yezirah Ivrit , Chaim Sharir
According to Kabbalistic tradition, the Yezirah book when used correctly, makes it possible to create animals and a Golem (some will say you can even create whole worlds), and all that only by using the 22 letters of the (Hebrew) alphabet and the ten spheres.

New Tv-Series

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Minimum Wage, 1st Season


Minimum Wage, 2nd Season

After the family of a chief medical surgeon is kidnapped, the surgeon faces a dire dilemma…   Three women from three remote corners of society work in the same building as cleaning ladies…   The show portrays the story of breaking free and building something new…

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By Summer’s End




The Ballad of Weeping Springtime

In a small town in the center of Israel, in the summer of '78, a mere month before the Camp David Peace…   Anton, a young man, part wanderer part day worker arrives at the furniture restoration business…   A tribute to the eastern music that arrived in Israel with immigrants from Caucasia and Persia and…