Yezirah Ivrit , Chaim Sharir

Feature Films


"EVERLASTING JOY" (Osher Lelo Gvul)

1995,  100 minutes


Screenplay and Director: Igal Bursztyn


Producer: Chaim Sharir


Actors: Ariel Zilber, Ofra Weingarten, Shira Farber, Liat Goren, Alon Neuman, Yael Almog, Alex Peleg, Yair Rubin, Danny Shteg, Igal Adika


A philosophic-comic cinematic fantasy, that plays with day to day events in the life of Jewish-Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza and his neighbors in an apartment building in Holon, copied from 17th century Amsterdam and the Hague to Holon of the present day, and searching for man's everlasting joy. Once in a while, Spinoza goes to Tel Aviv to meet the beautiful Clara-Mary, who prefers Dr. Karkernik, a gynecologist.


Following his unrequited love, Spinoza withdraws to his house and tries to decode the secret of everlasting joy. The noise of his neighbors disturbs his concentration and prevents him from focusing on his research concerning sadness and joy, but he learns to love them and understands that his joy is conditional upon theirs. His attempts to mediate in neighbors' disputes cause a series of misunderstandings. Spinoza is tempted to travel to a series of lecture in Heidelberg, but his career doesn’t bring him joy, and he returns to his home in Holon, and lovingly received by his neighbors.


The film won the Israeli Academy Awards for the Best Screenplay, and the Critics Award at the Haifa IFF.


Produced with the assistance of the Israeli Film Fund