Yezirah Ivrit , Chaim Sharir

TV Series


MELANOMA MY LOVE (Melanoma Ahuvati)

2005,  4 Episodes,  50 minutes per episode


Scriptwriters : Joseph Madmoni, David Ofek and Ygal Adika


Directors: Joseph Madmoni, David Ofek


Producer: Chaim Sharir


Produced for Reshet, Channel 2


Cast: Yigal Adika , Sharon Zukerman,  Alon Abutbul


Erasing the lines between fiction and reality, Melanoma My Love tells the story of Noga, a beautiful young dancer, who at the age of thirty is diagnosed with melanoma. The doctors tell her husband Uzi (played by Yigal Adika as himself) that she has only three months to live. In his refusal to accept her early demise he hides this horrible news from her so as not to break her spirit before her death.


The story is told from Uzi's point of view, interweaving his efforts to maintain his sanity despite Noga's impending doom. The film follows their tender relationship in all its pain and joy, in a documentary-like style that is enhanced by the hand-held camera of cinematographer Asaf Sudri.


Based on his true life story, actor Yigal Adika whose wife Orit underwent a similar difficult and brief episode with terminal cancer, allows us into his larger than life love story and personal tragedy in this exceptionally poignant film by acclaimed directors David Ofek and Joseph Madmony.


The series won the award for Best Drama and for Shooting (by Assaf Sudri)  at the Israeli Academy Awards.