Yezirah Ivrit , Chaim Sharir

TV Series


HOSTAGES (Bnei Aruba)

2013,  1st Season 10 episodes,  40 minutes per episode


Creators, Scriptwriters and Directors: Omri Givon and Rotem Shamir


Producer: Chaim Sharir


Produced for Channel 10


Cast: Ayelet Zurer, Yair Lotan, Dar Zozovsky, Yoav Rothman,  Micha Selectar, Miki Leon, Hila Vidor, Tomer Kapon, Ido Bartal, Nevo Kimchi, Shmil Ben Ari


After the family of a chief medical surgeon is kidnapped, the surgeon faces a dire dilemma: if she wants to keep her family alive she has to kill the Prime Minister during a routine surgery…


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HOSTAGES 2 (Bnei Aruba) 2

2016, 2nd Season 12 episodes, 40 minutes per episode


Creators, Scriptwriters and Directors: Omri Givon and Rotem Shamir


Producers: Chaim Sharir, Pascal Breton, Jean-Michel Ciszewski

Produced for Channel 10 and Canal+


Cast: Yair Lotan, Yoav Levi, Tomer Kapun, Miki Leon, Hila Vidor, Itai Tiran, Reimond Amsalem, Nevo Kimchi, Alona Tal, Shmil Ben Ari, Kim Bodnia, Jacob Daniel, Michal Kalman


While the whole country prepares for the official funeral of Prime-Minister Shmuel Netser, his kidnappers are preparing to smuggle him out of the country to perform the bone marrow transplant that will save the life of Neta,


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MINIMUM WAGE (30 Shekels Per  Hour)

2011,  1st Season 8 episodes,  40 minutes per episode

2013,  2nd Season 10 episodes,  40 minutes per episode


Series creators: Chaim Sharir, Yossi Madmoni, David Ofek


Scriptwriter: Yossi Madmoni


Directors: David Ofek and Sari Ezuz


Producer: Chaim Sharir


Produced for Channel 1 (IBA)


Cast: Ruthie Bornstein, Sofia Ostritsky, Samira Seria, Dana Samocha, Igal Adika, Vladimir Friedman, Marina Samocha, Liron Ben Shlush, Yaakov Borek


Three women from three remote corners of society work in the same building as cleaning ladies, working through a large manpower agency, that is, until they’re summarily fired by the agency. In order to survive, they decide to take their fate into their own hands, and they offer their services as a team at a laughably cheap price to the media company whose offices they clean.


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tv seral-0


QUESTION MARKS (Simanei Sheela)

2010,  10 episodes,  40 minutes per episode

Creator and Writer: Ido Dror


Director: Ofir Babaiof


Producer: Chaim Sharir


produced for Reshet (Channel 2)

Cast: Dan Shapiro, Gala Kogan, Yona Elian, Dror Keren, Tal Talmon, Yon Tumarkin, Itay Turgeman, Liat Azar, Golan Azoulay, Doron Tavori


A Tel Aviv building, third floor, behind the left hand door is the safe house belonging to the on "Question Marks" organization. There are no names on the door, no permanent residents, and the door there is not open to everyone. This apartment is the first home as well as the first family for young people leaving the Jewish orthodox way of life.  


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THE NAKED TRUTH (Ha'Emet Ha'Eiroma)

2008,  16 Episode,  33 minutes per episode


Screenplay: Benny Barbash,

Director: Uri Barbash

Producer: Chaim Sharir

Produced for Channel 10,


Cast: Lior Ashcenazi, Genia Dodina, Yoram Hatav, Nati Ravitz, Hadas Kalderon, Alon Dahan, Daniela Certis,Yuval Sherf


Contrary to popular belief, reality, or "the truth", has many faces. The "Rashomonic" nature of human perception creates a variety of differing and contrasting versions of the same event, which is the focus in which the two main characters are active: Irena and Gabai – two interrogators / investigators whose nature, characters, personalities, and sensitivities are supposed to help them pave the way to the core of truth that is free of its various versions and inner conflicts.


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tv seral-01



2008, 10 Episodes, 45 minutes per episode


Creator-Writer:  Ronit Weiss–Berkowitz

Director: Uri Barbash

Producer: Chaim Sharir

Produced for Reshet (Channel 2) with the assistance of USAID,  2008


Cast: Klara Houri, Orna Pitussi,  Zahi Grad, Halifa Natur, Shredi Gabarin, Amnon Wolf,  Michal Warshai, Lutuf  Nusaier


A small and creative group of television professionals gathers to create a new food show. They have a revolutionary idea – to find a (female) Jewish chef and a (female) Palestinian chef who will cook Mediterranean food together in each other's kitchens, will chatter agreeably about men and spices, and will exchange recipes. According to rating requirements, both chefs must be camera-friendly in order to prove that it is possible to build a bridge of peace through food and personal charm.


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DIDN’T PROMISE YOU (Lo Hivtachti Lach)

2006,  1st Season 15 Episodes, 35 minutes per episode

2007,  2nd Season 15 Episodes, 35 minutes per episode


Creator and scriptwriter: Eyal Doron

Directors: Ofir Babaiof, Gabi Bibliovitch, Tomer Aviram

Producer: Chaim Sharir

Produced for YES and Channel 10   


Cast: Guri Alfi, Eli Finish, Dani Geva, Efrat Boimvald, Alma Zach, Efrat Cohen, Riki Blich, Noa Tishbi, Shmil Ben Ari


They are in their late twenties and early thirties. They try to live life in the happiest and most fulfilling way possible but clouds can already be seen on the horizon. They have carefully designed their lifestyle but still play with the idea of changing everything and are well aware of different possibilities.


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tv seral-02


Reserve Duty (MILLUIM)

2005,  1st Season 20 Episodes,  45 minutes per episode

2006,  2nd Season 12 episodes,  45 minutes per episode


Scriptwriter: Benny Barbash


Director: Uri Barbash


Producer: Chaim Sharir


Produced for Reshet (Channel 2)


Cast: Yigal Naor , Nati Ravitz, Osnat Vishinski, Marina Choif, Yigal Adika,Dror Keren, Shlomi Koriatt, Maya Maron, Alon Neuman


Miluim is the story of a Reserve Duty company during their service, in training, in operation, at the border stations and on different missions.


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tv seral-03


MELANOMA MY LOVE (Melanoma Ahuvati)

2005,  4 Episodes,  50 minutes per episode


Scriptwriters : Joseph Madmoni, David Ofek and Ygal Adika


Directors: Joseph Madmoni, David Ofek


Producer: Chaim Sharir


Produced for Reshet, Channel 2


Cast: Yigal Adika , Sharon Zukerman,  Alon Abutbul


Erasing the lines between fiction and reality, Melanoma My Love tells the story of Noga, a beautiful young dancer, who at the age of thirty is diagnosed with melanoma. The doctors tell her husband Uzi (played by Yigal Adika as himself) that she has only three months to live. In his refusal to accept her early demise he hides this horrible news from her so as not to break her spirit before her death.


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