Yezirah Ivrit , Chaim Sharir

Feature Films  


"BY SUMMER'S END" (Ad Sof Hakaitz)

2012,  90 minutes per episode


Screenplay and Director: Noa Aharoni


Producer: Chaim Sharir


Actors: Michal Varshai, Bar Miniali, Yair Rubin (Koya), Sarit Vino, Yishai Golan, Orian Diamond, Itamar Orani


In a small town in the center of Israel, in the summer of '78, a mere month before the Camp David Peace agreement are to be signed, what worries Michal is that her 7 year old daughter Maya cannot read and write, and her teacher wants her to redo the first grade. Michal objects and makes a promise that by summer's end, Maya will learn to read and write and will continue with her classmates. But this summer is going to be a summer full of surprises for the family. Michal's father, Haim, who has been missing for 20 years, surprisingly returns, and with him returns the dark past and hidden secrets of the family which Michal, together with her sister Naomi, had worked hard to repress.


By summer's end they will all be forced to deal with the demons of the past in a complex and painful way, but one that will also provide release and will finally lead them on a new path.


"By Summer's End" is a film about growing up, but not just a child growing up, also her mother, her family, and in some way, also a nation.


The film was cited at the Haifa Film Festival and at the Rehovot Women's Film Festival.


Produced with the assistance of the Israeli Film Fund and Channel 10.