Yezirah Ivrit , Chaim Sharir

Feature Films


"KAPO IN JERUSALEM" (Kapo B'Yerushalaim)

May 2016,  93 minutes


Director: Uri Barbash


Screenplay: Moti Lerner


Producer: Chaim Sharir


Actors: Gil Frank, Maya Dagan, Dror Keren, Nati Ravitz, Nevo Kimhi, Amnon Wolf, Itso Avital, Arie Cherner, Avraham Selectar, Tatiana Ollier, Alex Kroll


Inspired by the life story of Eliezer Grinbaum who was a Kapo in Auschwitz 1942-1945


1946. A pair of Auschwitz survivors arrives in Jerusalem. Bruno is a doctor and Sarah a pianist.


They are trying to rehabilitate their lives and love in a city under siege and preparing for the War of Independence.


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"BALLAD OF THE WEEPING SPRING" (Ha'Balada La'Aviv Haboche)

2012,  105 minutes


Screenplay and Director: Benny Torati


Producers: Chaim Sharir, Moshe and Leon Edri


Actors: Uri Gavriel, Dudu Tassa, Nir Levi. Adar Gold, Ishtar (acting and singing), Igal Afika, Dikla, Galit Giat, Shimon Mimran, Uri Klausner, Arnon Tsadok, Miriam Tusia Cohen


A tribute to the eastern music that arrived in Israel with immigrants from Caucasia and Persia and the Arab countries, the music from which the current Middle Eastern music was born.



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"BY SUMMER'S END" (Ad Sof Hakaitz)

2012,  90 minutes


Screenplay and Director: Noa Aharoni


Producer: Chaim Sharir


Actors: Michal Varshai, Bar Miniali, Yair Rubin (Koya), Sarit Vino, Yishai Golan, Orian Diamond, Itamar Orani


In a small town in the center of Israel, in the summer of '78, a mere month before the Camp David Peace agreement are to be signed, what worries Michal is that her 7 year old daughter Maya cannot read and write, and her teacher wants her to redo the first grade.



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"RESTORATION" (Boker Tov, Adon Fidelman)

2011,  95 minutes


Director: Yossi Madmoni


Screenplay: Erez Kav-El


Producer: Chaim Sharir


Actors: Sason Gabai, Henry David, Nevo Kimhi, Sarah Adler, Ruthie Bornstein


Anton, a young man, part wanderer part day worker arrives at the furniture restoration business of Yaakov Fidelman and Maxim Malamud in the Southern part of Tel Aviv and is hired for a quick, paltry job.



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"CIRCUS PALESTINA" (Kerkas Palestina)

1997,  83 minutes


Screenplay and Director: Eyal Halfon


Producers: Chaim Sharir, Uri Sabag, Einat Bikel, Marek Rosenbaum


Actors: Yivgenia Dodina, Yoram Hatab, Amos Lavi, Bassam Zuamut, Vladimir Friedman


Once upon a time, and this really happened, a medium sized circus arrived from Europe to the Holy Land, and all the troubles in the world came falling upon its rickety tent. Debts accumulated, animals getting sick, clowns running away, and the circus owner has trouble finding an audience or a place to place the tent that was once magnificent.


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1997, 83 minutes


Screenplay and Director: Agur Schif


Producer: Chaim Sharir


Actors: Alon Abutbul, Nir Levi, Avshalom Polack, Yivgenia Dodina


Thriller. Gadi is a small time criminal who gets a job from his parole officer, to decorate thirty gas stations in the three days before Independence Day. He is joined in his journey from Tel Aviv north in a truck full of flags, by his youngest brother Yitzhak'le and Haim Shoshanna, an escaped convict connected to Gadi from their past.


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"EVERLASTING JOY" (Osher Lelo Gvul)

1995, 100 minutes


Screenplay and Director: Igal Bursztyn


Producer: Chaim Sharir


Actors: Ariel Zilber, Ofra Weingarten, Shira Farber, Liat Goren, Alon Neuman, Yael Almog, Alex Peleg, Yair Rubin, Danny Shteg, Igal Adika


A philosophic-comic cinematic fantasy, that plays with day to day events in the life of Jewish-Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza and his neighbors in an apartment building in Holon, copied from 17th century Amsterdam and the Hague to Holon of the present day, and searching for man's everlasting joy. Once in a while, Spinoza goes to Tel Aviv to meet the beautiful Clara-Mary, who prefers Dr. Karkernik, a gynecologist.


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1995,  95 minutes


Director: Eyal Halfon


Screenplay: Eyal Halfon and Fabrizio Batelli


Producers: Chaim Sharir, Massimo Christaldi


Actors: Franco Nero, Asher Tsarfati, Yona Elian-Keshet, Alessio Boni


A story of love and sports that takes place at the same time as a competition for the heart of a woman and an aggressive competition in the swimming pool – in both cases, the competition hidden from sight is more powerful than the competition that takes place out in the open.


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